7 Chakra Wish Tree

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Our 7 Chakra Wish Tree crystal gemstone tree is made of semi-precious gemstones which help to manifest health, wealth and happiness in a person’s life.

By putting 7 different crystals together in the form of a Tree,7 Chakra Wish Tree, you can get all the benefits of 7 stones together.

These crystals promote wealth, health and peace.

It also makes a beautiful decor piece for your shelves, mantle or coffee table.

100% genuine natural crystals.

Crystals included are Amethyst Bracelet, Lapis, Clear Crystal, Green Aventurine, Golden Quartz, Carnelian and Red Jasper.

Chakra wish tree comes with many crystals like rose quartz tree, clear quartz tree, or 7 charka tree and all of them depict the qualities of the primary crystal. They can be placed anywhere in the house and along with releasing healing energies, they can be a great value addition to the beautification of your home.


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