Buddha – Tiger Eye

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The Brothers at OTAA stand for impeccable quality, and the Brahma Tiger Eye Buddha Bracelet is an apt demonstration. Brahma Buddha Tiger Eye is revered in Hindu scriptures as the god responsible for creation.


Depicted in iconography with four faces, mythology suggests that he grew multiple heads to constantly meet the gaze of his lover, Shatarupa, in every direction she moved. Inspired by mythology, this OTAA bracelet emanates an enthralling design. Buddha Tiger eye is a chatoyant gemstone with a golden yellow and brown hue and a lustre finish.

Buddha Tiger Eye also commonly known as a brown or yellow stone is a manifestation stone that can prove to be a catalyst when struggling with issues of life. It helps in self-expression, self-worth, self-esteem, self-definition, self-love, and self-criticism. It also supports general vitality, strengthens the endocrine system, empowers passion in life, and defends black magic. It works best with Citrine and can help in the opening-up of the root, solar plexus, and throat chakra.

This Buddha Tiger Eye is made with 100% original crystal which can be placed in your house as a showpiece and would also act as a healer and protector to your house. This can also be a great gift item during festivals and other special occasions.


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