Clear Quartz Bracelets


Pure Quartz crystal is commonly known as “Rock Crystal” and it is an actually colorless gemstone.


Impurities that are found inside its crystal structure are mainly responsible for its unbelievable range of colours. Due to the type of impurities, Pure Quartz crystal may be found in Yellow, White, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Pink, Black, Rose Quartz bracelets,  and Purple colours but can be colourless and multicoloured as well.

The ancients believed a Clear quartz bracelet could heal any condition, due to its purifying effect on the organs. They would even lay the stone over cuts, burns, and other minor injuries, to speed up the healing process and ease the pain.

Clear Quartz bracelet helps in amplifying the properties of all other crystals, enhances your connection with the Divine and higher consciousness, and, acts as a master healer. It acts as a crystal of protection, cleansing, purification, and an amplifier. It channelizes the thoughts and beliefs, balancing the body-mind-spirit and elevating concentration. It also helps in the growth of hair and fingernails.

This clear quartz bracelet is made of high-quality naturally sourced crystals which would provide you overall protection and brings clarity into your life. This Clear Quartz bracelet has to be worn in the non-dominating hand and can be worn with other crystals as well. It would clean and charges the supporting crystal it is worn with.


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